Woot Loot: Bag of Crap

woot-off-lootI was lucky enough to snag a “Bag of Crap” from one of my favorite online stores: woot.com. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the short version of what goes on:
Woot.com will, once in a great while, sell a Bag of Crap for $5.00. They don’t usually sell very many at a time, so the crap usually sells out within minutes of it being posted. You never know what you’re going to get, and many times it is indeed crappy crap. MP3 players (working or not working), toasters, lunch boxes, anything goes! But some folks are lucky enough to get great items like LCD TVs, XBox 360s, etc. Great marketing for the company, and great fun for those lucky enough to get their order in before the site crashes or sells out.

I’ve been waiting all week for mine, and it has finally arrived. I was pretty excited because Fedex said the box was 20 pounds.

For a grand total of 6 dollars (including shipping!) look at everything I got!

What you see in the picture:
1x Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router (without power supply)
1x Lowepro Cirrus 100 Black Camera Case
1x Vector VEC-260 10-Inch WAXXPro Waxer/Polisher Kit with Bonnets
9x Multi-ScrewDriver Tool with LED flashlights (and batteries)
2x Sets of USB Woot Lights :-)

Overall, an excellent score! I have a power supply that works for the Netgear wireless router, but it has pretty low reviews on amazon, so I might just save it as a backup. The camera bag is nice and new, and the screwdriver/light tools are pretty cool.

The Waxer works great. It came in new condition, with all accessories and the manual, and I plugged in the waxer and it works like a champ. In fact, I got a laugh out of a return label still stuck on the inside of the waxer bucket. The previous customer returned it with the reason “not what I expected”:

It’s not what I expected either, but I sure did love opening it!