Free Krispy Kreme donut with coffee purchase

How about a fresh, hot doughnut deal to go with your morning coffee? Starting February 6, if you buy any size coffee from your local Krispy Kreme, you’ll get one FREE Krispy Kreme classic glazed doughnut.

But be careful with this one – these donuts are slightly addictive! If you don’t control yourself, you’ll end up back in line to order 18 more donuts, eat six of them immediately, and then consume the remaining 12 to eat in a shameful, private fit of gluttonous rage in your car on the way to work. As you pull into the parking lot, you’ll realize you’re covered in donut glaze, call in sick from your car, drive all the way back home, climb back into bed, and watch some terrible Netflix series (“Fuller House”, anyone?) for the rest of the day while you try to figure out where your life took such a wrong turn.

Deal ends on Feb 28.